Zems Academy

Zems Academy is Training and recruitment Company setup by a group of enthusiastic local members of the community.

The core mission of Zems Academy is to:

  • Provide a full range of employment support and training for job seekers enabling them to achieve and maximise their employment goals. building partnerships, creating opportunities, improving lives and making things happen;
  • Support individuals with their learning and working journeys, providing careers advice, training, placements, recruitment services, functional skills and much more.
  • Providing high quality employability services to the community in Birmingham.


Our aim is to increase the number of people in employment, improve skills levels and make a difference to people’s lives, helping individuals and communities to excel and succeed.

Zems Academy has established a set of Core Values which are instilled within each and every employee and are detailed below:


  • Respect - by acknowledging the dignity and contribution of all members of our diverse community through fair, ethical and courteous actions and communications
  • Client Driven - by focusing on job seekers and employers with responsive, professional, results-oriented, and innovative services
  • Quality and Excellence - by consistently providing high levels of service from a knowledgeable and professional team
  • Empowerment - by equipping our clients with the tools and support necessary to succeed in their employment and training goals